14 Pro

And the last few from istanbul. I just arrived to Prag. Big thanks to all crew, specially Joseph for amazing project and director Terenci for understanding the specifics of the sound recording on the location and very cooperative work, Lorena and Andreu for not easy production on the set and to local Istanbul head of production Bikem Kesici for amazing support in this amazing country and for her personal afford.

I’m looking forward to see the edited movie and to sound postproduction process. Based on the collected material, i believe, it will be an amazing movie.

And Istanbul? Lovely city, amazing people, great musicians and real, deep humanity on every corner. I miss you already and desperately want to come back.
Thanks for this experience and see you.

P.s. All of you, my friends from Istanbul, are more then Wellcome in Prag. I would be more than happy to see you again. My contacts are available on this blog or on my Facebook account.